Legend of Fu Yao – Book 1 – Chapter 15

Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

Chapter 15 – Take Responsibility


Accept her?


Could this person’s dictionary also include types of phrases like “If it’s good then take it”, and “Modestly gentleman”?

Meng Fuyao clenched her fists, on full alert. She was determined to reject that warm, fragrantly entrancing chest, determined to not look at those laughing eyes above her head. This person’s eyes were made of spring water, distilled from spring sunlight, and melded with the spring wind. His charming aura was just as strong as his martial arts – any and all thoughts of resistance would be flicked into flying motes of dust between his fingers.

Unfortunately, even if she used her toes to count she would know, that this man was definitely very dangerous. He was like Devil’s Snare swaying in the golden breeze[1] – it looked beautiful and harmless, but could actually wound without a trace. All the cells of Meng Fuyao’s body were warning her to not cling and be unwilling to leave his warmth. After living for so many years, if she still fell prey to the trivial nature of physical attractiveness, then wouldn’t she have wasted all these years of her life?

Meng Fuyao’s willowy eyebrows rose in anger, and with a push of her fists, she tried to push him a safe distance away. However, she didn’t expect Yuan Zhaoxu to suddenly tighten his hand! The hand that was originally gently resting on her back suddenly exerted force, hugging her while twirling her in a spin. Whereas Meng Fuyao was previously trying to stand up from the bedside, now with this revolution she immediately fell backwards onto the bed.

The next moment, light-colored robes loosely drifted down, and Yuan Zhaoxu had also flipped onto the bed. With a stretch of his hand, the curtains began to fall downwards, the pearl draperies hitting the ground with fine, scattered sounds. The swaying of the curtains as they fell created an otherworldly, bewitching scene.

After seeing that he had actually come onto the bed too, the appalled Meng Fuyao wanted to spring up out of the bed. Yet Yuan Zhaoxu only turned his head on the pillow and grinned at her, softly whispering, “Shh ~”

He moved his eyes to look outside the window. There, a dim shadow faintly flashed.

After Meng Fuyao glanced for a second, she then silently made a motion, with her straight palm slicing downward.

Yuan Zhaoxu gave a light smile, turned so that his back was towards the window, then leaned his head forward and softly whispered by her ear, “A girl shouldn’t have such a thickly murderous aura. It’ll affect your graceful charm …” When speaking his breath was intoxicating and slightly warm, gently tickling the side of her ear like a vibrating silk string. His voice was so low it was blurred, with every word enthralling.

Without reason, Fuyao’s face became red.

That red blush spread, then retreated. Before she could fully recover to her normal color, that guy who had just told her to not be so murderous, suddenly unconcernedly flicked his fingers.

With a “pa” sound, on the pale white window paper where a scattered, slanted shadow was reflected, several red plum blossoms instantly burst forth. They slowly soaked and spread out, mixing in with the both weak and bold flower designs on the paper surface.

An extremely muffled grunt came from the foot of the wall, the sound moving far away in a split second.

After hearing the sound, Fuyao couldn’t help but shake her head. “You tell others to have charm, yet you go on to mercilessly pierce that guy’s ears and deafen him.”

“If he didn’t stick so close to the window paper, how could that ice needle have wounded him?” Yuan Zhaoxu’s flowing eyes seemed like a blurry dream full of flickering mist. “All things have their cause and effect, evil will reap what evil sows.”

Meng Fuyao shifted her body preparing to get up, while knitting her brows and chuckling, “I guess this is the moral outlook of your Infinite Empire’s people?”

Yuan Zhaoxu chuckled but didn’t answer. Fuyao shifted her body, but suddenly found that she couldn’t move. Turning back her head in shock, she saw that the Yuan Zhaoxu on top of the pillow had actually shifted closer by a few degrees, currently grinning and teasingly playing with a strand of her hair that had fallen onto the pillow. Seeing her look over, his smile became even more radiant, and he raised that strand of hair close to his nose, closing his eyes in a deep sniff.

Then, he faintly laughed. “Smells good.”

Fuyao immediately pulled her hair back, using murderous eyes to glare back at him.

Yuan Zhaoxu pretended not to see her glare. Using his hand to prop up his cheek, he scooped up yet another strand of long hair and continued to play with it, conveniently placing some of her scattered hair underneath his body. Meng Fuyao was unable to free herself, and so could only bare her fangs at him in a toothy half-snarl, half-smile. “Tonight I rolled around in the grass and mud, rolled down a cliff, and even soaked in a night of rain.”

“Its passable, not too smelly.”

“I have louses.”

“Even better, I’ll help you catch them.”


Meng Fuyao was silent for a short while, until suddenly she laughed. Yuan Zhaoxu lifted his head to look at her; from this angle, her appearance was truly enchanting. Fuyao only grabbed the blankets and shoved them over his face, then used her strength to squeakily rock the bed.

The bed began to dangerously tip from side to side, causing the hanging pearl curtains to swing and sparkle, looking very gorgeous but also very suspicious.

Yuan Zhaoxu twisted up the corners of his eyes and lifted his eyebrows, then realized what she was doing, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Pitter-patter pitter-patter.

In the instant that the creaking bed sounds began to sound, a fat white shadow shot out from the wall corner, crawled up the bed, and in mid-air executed another “forward flip somersault 360 degree body twist”. Four limbs flung out, preparing to cleave apart the two who looked like they were exercising on the bed.

With the sound of blankets rustling, the two people of one mind flipped over at the same time. The Master Yuanbao who had a “Master Fetish”[2] plopped onto the bed in a “gu dong” sound, right in the middle of the two people. The bed coverings were very soft, and Master Yuanbao fell deep into the swirl with his feet over his head. Only after struggling and trying a couple back-flips, did he forcibly free himself in the end.

Unfortunately, after going through all the trouble of unsteadily staggering to his feet, the unscrupulous master used a finger to flick him down again, and Master Yuanbao was planted into the blankets yet again.

Master Yuanbao hugged the sheets, crying with a zhi zhi sound.

Fuyao bit the sheets, laughing so hard she was almost convulsing.

Yet at this time, outside the window suddenly came light knocking sounds, three in a row. Following that, a streak of black shadow floated in like mist.

Yuan Zhaoxu went up to meet him. With his back blocking view of the black-clothed man’s face, the two people softly conversed a few phrases, and then the black-clothed man retreated outside again.

After Zhaoxu turned back around, Meng Fuyao had already sat up from the bed. From between the hanging drapes only a pair of black eyes could be seen, shining with light as they stared at him.

“Your master has asked the Grand Tutor to stay here for a couple more days. The reason he offered was because he wanted to reminisce about the past with an old friend he has not seen for years.” Yuan Zhaoxu’s smile had some deep meaning to it. “The Grand Tutor was originally planning on saying goodbye today, but now he naturally cannot leave.”

“Lin Xuanyuan has always been an old fox.” Meng Fuyao shrugged her shoulders.

“I had planned to bring you with the Grand Tutor down the mountain. Looks like now we need a change of plans.” Yuan Zhaoxu’s finger lightly raised, supporting his chin in an elegant posture. “Lin Xuanyuan has already contacted Pei Yuan’s relatives, and they will hurry here soon. Him staying the Grand Tutor, is actually because he already suspects the Grand Tutor might have some involvement in tonight’s events. By delaying the Grand Tutor until the people from the Pei family arrive, if there is any conflict, it will only be the Pei family offending the Grand Tutor. Looks like he has calculated well.”

“Say, does the Grand Tutor actually have any involvement in tonight’s business?” Meng Fuyao grinned at him. “For example, you helping me, does that old guy know about it?”

“It would be better to worry about how you are going to escape yourself.” Yuan Zhaoxu didn’t fall for her trap.

Meng Fuyao didn’t respond, only standing up to tidy her clothes and put up her hair.

Zhaoxu sat without moving while watching her movements. A bit of humor passed through his eyes. “En?”[3]

“It’s better for me to not continue to stay here.” Fuyao quickly tied her cuffs, and inspected her weapons. “You have already helped me twice, that’s already very righteous of you. If I continue to rely on you, I’ll bring trouble to both you and the Grand Tutor. I can’t be so irresponsible.”

She waved her hand in a very fashionable, sophisticated farewell gesture. “Catch you later.”

After which she didn’t even turn her head and walked towards the exit. Before she reached the door, with a “ka-cha” sound, the door latch locked of its own accord. Meng Fuyao stopped in her steps, turned around, and looked at Yuan Zhaoxu with her head tilted.[4]

The day had already broken. Dawn light faintly spilled through the window’s gaps, outlining her door frame-leaning figure vividly and clearly, which was like a willow tree that was both gentle and strong.

In the morning’s light Yuan Zhaoxu’s pupils flickered. The meaning in his eyes was unable to be articulated in words.

After a while he gently set down the tea in his hands. The clear sound of the porcelain bottom hitting the boxwood table[5] seemed to hold some veiled implication, like some kind of hard to express emotion.

“Woman shouldn’t be so stubborn and unyielding.” Zhaoxu’s smile, inside the rosy pink of the breaking dawn’s light, made even the morning glow retreat a little. “That will make a man feel like a hero who has nowhere to display his martial skills.”[6]

“Oh? Then hero, ” Meng Fuyao leaned against the door, crossing her arms and smiling at him. “How do you plan to display your martial skills?”

“Lin Xuanyuan has set nets above and snares below, just waiting for you to fall into his traps. If you go charging in like this, then I would have saved you for nothing.” Yuan Zhaoxu came forward with large steps, and his finger lightly stroked the smooth, glistening skin of her cheek. “I saved you, so half of your life can be considered mine. Since I have a share, then shouldn’t you, take responsibility?”



1. Devil’s Snare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datura_stramonium

2. Literal meaning is he is obsessed with his master, but here the author uses the term “fetish” to poke fun at the fact that Master Yuanbao seems to always jump out to interrupt the two when they are in sexually charged situations. Implies that Yuanbao might have voyeurism.

3. “En” is usually used as a question i.e. what are you doing?

4. That SHAFT head tilt

5. Link: http://www.missouribotanicalgarden.org/PlantFinder/PlantFinderDetails.aspx?taxonid=243331

6. Feel useless

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