Legend of Fu Yao – Book 1 – Chapter 19.5

Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

Chapter 19.5 – First Shine of Spring’s Glow[1]


On the flat ground twisted a streak of dai wind. The whip in Meng Fuyao’s hand only swept once, and it had already wrapped around the opposite side’s throat. With a horizontal rein in she tried to pull the guy over, but she didn’t realize that the other’s martial arts was not at a low level – before, it was only because the pants covered overhead and he had lost his bearings. With a backhanded fling, a ray of golden light shone, drawing a brilliant, starry arc that directly shot towards Meng Fuyao’s heart. The piercing power forced her to suck in her chest and shrink back, and with one leap that person traveled multiple zhang, looking like he was about to escape.

Meng Fuyao stamped her foot and was about to rush forwards, when suddenly she saw the foot of the man unexpectedly crook, as if he had stepped on a rock or twisted his ankle. With an tilt of his body, he tumbled and face-planted down on the ground.

Delighted, Fuyao instantly jumped over and sat heavily on the guy’s back, smugly sitting cross-legged. “Kao, didn’t I say you couldn’t run!”

With a cross of her legs, she immediately discovered something amiss. After lowering her head, she realized that her pants were already gone, with only her outer robes covering her body. With this leg position, spring’s glow shined out.

In the thick darkness of the night, underneath the dai colored robes was revealed a slender pair of legs, pure white, straight, sleek and rounded, like a pair of carpenter crafted jade pillars. The reflection of the moonlight was brilliantly silver, attracting one’s eyes.

From the dim surroundings came a soft chuckle that was almost inaudible.

With darkened face, Fuyao hurriedly grabbed left and pulled right, using her robes to cover over her legs. Silently, she consoled herself that fortunately she wasn’t like the men of this era, who didn’t wear anything under their pants. Fortunately she had worn some underwear she had designed herself … ugh, did he see it just now?

Raising her head, Meng Fuyao stared forwards, bitterly saying, “Hey, what are you doing hiding behind the tree, you a thief or something?”

The light laughter gradually stopped, and behind the tree slowly materialized a pale-colored round profile. The wide robed, long sleeved man, two arms crossed in front, leisurely stood leaning against the tree while faintly smiling.

On his shoulder rode a certain fatty with white fur swaying in the wind, leaning against its master’s cheek, its two claws crossed in the exact same position while its two legs were also slightly crossed.

“Seeing that you were gone for a long time, we thought you needed paper, so we’ve come to deliver paper.” Yuan Zhaoxu, facing the Meng Fuyao who was angry from embarrassment, innocently smiled.

Master Yuanbao immediately bowed down, its two claws lifting up a piece of wrinkled up paper, respectfully offering it high up above its head.

With only one look Fuyao already knew that this guy was shaming her, how could it be so polite? It was obviously making fun of her.

The more she thought the more furious she got. Her butt used some more strength, crushing the fellow beneath her to miserably cry out an “aiyo!” Meng Fuyao jabbed his acupuncture points, then with a sweep of her whip, she hooked her pants back. Holding the pants in her hands, she lifted her head and looked at the two opposite with a deadpan expression.

The two calmly stared back, not moving at all.

Fuyao glared a little, watching.

The two still stood calmly opposite her.

Fuyao only felt that her hair had already started to slowly become vertical. After a long time she swallowed some saliva, helplessly saying, “Hey, could you turn around, I have to change.”

Yuan Zhaoxu blinked, then actually answered, “Nope.”


“If other people can see, why can’t I?” Yuan Zhaoxu’s reply was very odd.

Meng Fuyao started, then suddenly leapt up. With a scoop of a hand and a flash of snow white, her slender legs had already fallen into the wide pant legs. Her fingers crossed and the pant straps was tied tight, then with a twist of her body she had already lunged towards the patch of trees behind her.

At the same time, a white glow flashed, and Master Yuanbao jumped off Yuan Zhaoxu’s shoulder and shot out, its movements extremely nimble and quick. The tree leaves close by didn’t even tremble.


In almost an instant, a cry resounded out.

Behind the patch of trees suddenly fled a gray-clothed person, holding his bloodily dripping ear while madly leaping and trying to escape. On his ear hung a bundle of snow white that, with his shaking and jolting running movements, unceasingly swung up and down, yet continued to bite down hard on his ear and resolutely hold on.

The gray-robed man desperately pulled on Yuanbao, while hatefully shouting, “Fuck you little guy, you dare touch your granddaddy, you know who granddaddy is? With one little pinky of your granddaddy …”[2]

“Grandpa’s not going to hit your pinky toe, grandpa’s going to hit your pig head!”

With the yell came Meng Fuyao’s figure, in a spring already shooting out like lightning. A black steel dagger flew in a streak that was even darker than the night, in a flicker instantly reaching the edge of that person’s throat.

The tip of the dagger touched skin, feeling like a fork poking a swimming fish underwater, slippery and unable to gain traction. The guy’s body abnormally twisted, and unknowingly he had already escaped from the dagger’s attack range.

However, Meng Fuyao didn’t waste any time marveling. Since the dagger didn’t land she directly lunged forward herself – elbows jabbing, palms slapping, legs kicking, shoulders impacting, a continuous flurry of swift, frenzied close combat attacks that were like lightning, preventing the opponent from easily breathing. Even though the person’s whole body was like it was oil-covered, slick and hard for blows to connect, but in that short moment the torrential, hurricane-like rain of attacks still managed to him suffer hits one after the other, with one attack succeeding out of every three. With the explosive power and speed from Fuyao’s past grueling training, he was directly beat backwards, unceasingly crying out.

Kao! You scum, actually daring to hide behind that clump of trees for so long, then didn’t that mean that you had seen this woman’s everything?

The more she thought the more furious she got, and the beatdown became more and more brutal. With her eyes shining and her punches like rain, she satisfyingly hit him like howling wind.

Yuan Zhaoxu was standing at his original spot and faintly smiling while watching. The secretly hooked finger covered by his sleeves, finally slowly loosened.

The one-sided battle in front was already nearing its end. A punch from Fuyao shot out, and that unlucky, muddleheaded man instinctively tried to block. Who knew that suddenly, she retrieved her fist.

The man started. The fist was raised, comically stopped in mid-air.


Fuyao used the opportunity when he was surprised to immediately brutally punch him yet again.

A groan sounded out.

“che… at …”

The gray-clothed man’s eyes went blank, and he crashed onto the ground.

Meng Fuyao blew on her fists with a suave manner, and laughingly said, “Cheating is a cheater’s passport, foolishness is a fool’s epigraph.” ————— [3]

After tying that gray-clothed man onto a tree, Meng Fuyao examined him up and down once, then shook her head.

“Look at how skinny this guy is, it’s like he was crushed by two doors planks.”

Yuan Zhaoxu focused his eyes for a glance, then couldn’t help but laugh. The gray-clothed man seemed to have been truly born strangely. He was extraordinarily thin and tall, his figure long and narrow, and even his face was squished flat like an eel. Meng Fuyao was very curious about that extreme slipperiness in the fight just then. However, after paying close attention, she felt that this person’s skin, besides being a bit paler than usual, didn’t have any other abnormalities.

Turning her head, she saw that Yuan Zhaoxu’s eyes had a trace of pity in them. She couldn’t help but ask, “You know him?”

“No, but I know this race.” Yuan Zhaoxu said, “The race ‘shroud sharks’, found on the sea borders of Lifting Wind.”

“Shroud sharks?”

Yuan Zhaoxu made an “en” sound, saying, “Lifting Wind Nation includes the Eh sea[4]. The most dangerous sea region of the Eh sea, where sea reefs are the most clustered, is Demon Island. According to rumors, in that region there was once an ancient empire that sunk into the seas, and because of that, the seafloor contains an uncountable number of rare finds. Only, that place is a zone of dense reef forests, plus there is an extraordinarily narrow ocean trench that most ocean travelers cannot cross at all. Only the native shroud sharks of Demon Island can navigate through. This race of people, when their children are three years old, will bring them underwater and continuously practice floundering and moving within narrow cracks and gaps, only completing training when they develop extreme swimming abilities and coordination like a fish. The children, due to them training in this type of ability from youth, as well as their long years of living in the water, will develop their skin and body figures abnormally. Additionally, because of the strange ocean beasts that commonly appear, these people will also train in techniques that conceal their body’s breathing. This is why they are called ‘shroud sharks’. The people of this race, thanks to these special abilities, also make first-rate thieves and assassins.”

“Oh, no wonder back then I actually didn’t detect this guy concealed close by.” Meng Fuyao was suddenly enlightened, then laughed, “We’ll interrogate this shroud shark later, first lets deal with this scumbag.” Lifting up the man on the ground who had previously been sat on by her, she “pa pa” slapped him twice and woke him up.

The moment the man opened his eyes, he heard the up-in-his-face Meng Fuyao start questioning him.

“What’s your pop’s name?”

“Your mom’s surname?”

“How many older sisters?”

“How many little brothers?”

“What age was it when you first wet the bed?”

“Do you wear clothes when bathing?”

“When washing your face do you like to use soap pods or animal soap?”[5]


“Whose subordinate are you?”

A string of questions with answers that needed no thinking pulled east then pushed west, smashing down like a torrential downpour. The man had long become numbed, subconsciously replying to every question, and naturally had no defenses against that last question.

“Qi royal palace, subordinate of the guard officer Lord Fang …”[6]

Only after he spoke did he realize what he just said, and he inhaled a breath of air while widening his eyes. Meng Fuyao had already happily smiled. She patted his cheek, saying, “Good boy.”



1. The author divided up chapter 19 I think

2. Granddaddy or grandpa is often used to express someone’s superiority over another, as an insult. Since Chinese culture values age a lot, saying you are much older than someone can be an insult.

3. Better to cheat than to be dumb

4. Not really sure how to name this, in pinyin it is “e”, but naming it with only one letter seems a little strange. In pinyin “e” is pronounced like the u in “yuck” or “luck”, not like the e in “English”.

5. Soap pods: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gleditsia_sinensis

6. In case you forgot, Qi Xunyi is the third prince, so the emperor of Tai Yuan has to be Emperor Qi. His imperial palace would be called Qi palace.

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