Legend of Fu Yao – Book 1 – Chapter 20

Book 1: Winds Begin to Blow in Tai Yuan

Chapter 20 – Fierce Majesty Bei Ye


“Say, how should we deal with this person,” Meng Fuyao slapped the guy down to the floor again with a “pa” sound, then turned to question Yuan Zhaoxu, “Is Qi Xunyi starting to suspect me? Is that why he sent these two people out to deal with me?”

A strange expression flitted through Yuan Zhaoxu’s eyes. He naturally knew that during the day, when Meng Fuyao had almost fallen into the clear water, her figure had been revealed, and Qi Xunyi had definitely noticed her. With Qi Xunyi’s disposition, he would certainly investigate a little.

But how could he not have countermeasures in place? Those people Qi Xunyi dispatched to follow them had long been routed by his guard, who even intentionally set up a fake trail to mislead Qi Xunyi’s attention. Then how come these two people appeared here?

Yuan Zhaoxu hit open the man’s acupuncture veins. Only after interrogating some more, did he discover that the guard officer Lord Fang was one of Qi Xunyi’s subordinates whom he rather doted on, and he was rather prone to toadying and currying favor with Xunyi. During the day when Qi Xunyi had stared at Fuyao’s figure with a different look in his eyes, Lord Fang had thought that the prince had taken a liking to Meng Fuyao. In order to give his master a surprise, he had used a pigeon to contact some of his guards that were awaiting their arrival at the Qi royal palace, and ordered them to wait on the two roads that led from Profound Origin to Yanjing with intention to capture Meng Fuyao.

Yuan Zhaoxu’s bodyguard had already concentrated his efforts on leading away the people following behind. Unexpectedly, there were also people in front waiting by the tree trunk to capture the rabbit.[1]

Learning the whole story, Meng Fuyao couldn’t refrain from becoming infuriated, and with another stomp she vented her anger. Then, she hesitantly said, “Hey, if we killed him, well, his crime doesn’t deserve that punishment. But not killing, then I’ll be leaving future trouble for myself. What should we do?”

Yuan Zhaoxu smiled. Stooping down, his slender finger gently flicked the top of the man’s head, then he said, “It’s done.”


Peacefully Zhaoxu explained, “His memory, beginning from this evening, will become muddled. So you can be reassured, he won’t bring the stuff that he can’t even remember clearly, to report back to his master.”

Fuyao stared at him, knowing that he used a severe technique to wound the other’s Baihui point, forever damaging their memory[2]. This type of technique looked simple, but was actually an expert’s skill – being lighter or heavier by a degree of force could result in a completely opposite effect. If her Breaking Nine Heavens trained to the sixth layer, then she probably could also learn it, but she would definitely be unable to do it so casually.

The more she stayed with this person, the more mysterious he became.

Her eyeballs were rolling trying to figure him out, but Yuan Zhaoxu had already turned and walked towards the bound gray-clothed man. After walking a few steps he suddenly chuckled, saying, “Hey, very beautiful.”

“What’s very beautiful?” Meng Fuyao blankly asked.

Yuan Zhaoxu and Master Yuanbao gave each other a look, the latter immediately revealing its snow white front teeth, and lifting its stubby leg to signal towards Meng Fuyao.

At the same time Zhaoxu leisurely replied, “I’m saying, your thighs.” ——————

“I’ll teach you to peek on me, keeping spying on me! You peek! Peek! This lady me will pummel you like flying waters descending straight three thousand chi, if I don’t see congealed blood I’m vowing to never stop!”[3]

With “peng peng peng” sounds Meng Fuyao practiced her boxing on the poor gray-clothed man, at the same time scolding the locust tree while pointing at the mulberry, attacking someone else through the insinuations in her shouting.[4]

The locust tree being scolded was faintly smiling like usual, without a trace of shame or self-remorse.

The gray-clothed man was forcibly hit awake. The moment he opened his eyes, he immediately panicked and shouted, “I didn’t steal it! I didn’t steal it!”

“I know you didn’t steal,” Meng Fuyao sneered as she measured him up, “I already stole everything you have.”

She shoved around those random, disorderly objects for a while, impolitely putting all the valuable things into her cloth bag. Seeing this the gray-clothed man’s facial color turned green then white, after some time pleading, “I’ll give you all my stuff, just release me, I still have to run for my life!”

“Run for your life?” Meng Fuyao started. “Just then when you were concealed over there suspiciously, it wasn’t because you wanted to sneak attack us?”

“How could I have the time to spare to sneak attack you guys?” The gray-clothed man stared wide with dead fish eyes, a vein throbbing on his temple. “Do you guys have wealth? Beauty? Are you even worth it for me, the glorious Godhand gang’s gang boss, to ambush you?”

Meng Fuyao looked at herself, then looked at Yuan Zhaoxu, thinking that no matter what they could still be considered as beauties[5], right? What was with this guy’s eyesight? She was truly puzzled.

“Hey, big gang boss, then you squatting over there, what were you doing?”

The gray-clothed man spat out some spittle with a “pei” sound. “Bad luck!”

Only after a long explanation did Meng Fuyao finally find out, the gray-clothed man was currently being hunted by Nemesis Dynasty’s people, saying that he stole the belonging of Lord Ye Buqi, the prince’s attendant[6]. The gray-clothed man had ran from Yanjing all the way to here, and still had not shaken off his pursuers.

“Pei, my luck is not good, I had contacted Black Magic to help me fend them off for a while, and agreed to meet in this forest. Who knew that even that guy’s shadow was nowhere to be found!” The gray-clothed man, speaking of the depressing topic, spit out another mouthful of saliva.

“Black Magic? The number one assassin under the heavens?” Meng Fuyao widened her eyes. “You sure have some ability, you can actually ask him for a favor. As another way of saying it, just from stealing some treasure of Lord Ye’s, you caused the other side to actually pursue you with such relentlessness?”

The gray-clothed man’s expression changed, a bit of hesitation flashing through his face. After some time he said, “I didn’t contact Black Magic. I have a friend who once did him a favor, that’s the only reason why he agreed to help. As for that treasure … I heard it was Nemesis Dynasty’s command seal.”

When the last few words came out of his mouth, Meng Fuyao’s heart jumped.

Subconsciously she reached her hand into her robes, only getting halfway before immediately retracting.

Yuan Zhaoxu seemed to not notice her movements. Laughingly he said, “You didn’t steal the Nemesis command seal?”


“Oh.” Yuan Zhaoxu didn’t continue to question, only pulling Meng Fuyao with him and turned around to leave. “Then stay here, you can thoroughly explain to Zhan Bei Ye. Hopefully he will believe you.”[7]

Without turning his head he directly left, while the gray-clothed man’s expression changed then changed again. Seeing that he really was preparing to leave, and thinking about himself bound on the tree, waiting for certain death to arrive with that evil star, the gray-clothed man had no choice but to swallow then raise his chest in a large shout, “Stop right there, stop right there!”

The two people only continued to walk slowly, as if they had gone deaf in that short moment.

“Release me, release me first!”

“For those without sincerity, we have no reason to waste time on them.” Meng Fuyao replied with a charming, beautiful smile, not even bothering to turn her head.

“I’ll tell, I’ll tell!”

With a “shua” sound Fuyao bounced back, grinning and patting his cheek, “Now that’s a good boy.”

The gray-clothed man, his face bitter and crying tears of mourning, said, “Steal .. I think it was stolen, but it wasn’t me who did it, it was one of my subordinates. However, he had disappeared somewhere near here, so the item … is also gone.”

Meng Fuyao gave him a glance, then peeked at Yuan Zhaoxu, worrying that he would ask, “Where did he go missing?”

Fortunately the gray-clothed man didn’t say anything else, and Yuan Zhaoxu didn’t ask. Fuyao secretly exhaled a breath of air, pressing on that item in her bosom … she had always suspected why the rarest Nemesis command seal would actually appear on such a minor character. So it turned out that the situation was like this. Tonight’s accidental meetings and fights at least confirmed the actual origins of that thing, and was not a bad reward.

The two people quickly untied the gray-clothed man, only after some inquiries learning that his name was Yao Xun[8]. He truly was born of the shroud shark race, and he actually had the well-known “Godhand Gang” as his subordinates. In reality, the gang was just a gathering of thieves, composed of three people.

Even though Yao Xun’s appearance was strange, his attitude was that of a man born by the sea. He was simple and direct, after conversing a little he then said, “Since you guys know about Nemesis Dynasty’s fierce Majesty Zhan Bei Ye, your statuses shouldn’t be that of normal people. If you will help me send away this troop of pursuers, the Godhand gang will completely follow your commands from now on!”

Yuan Zhaoxu eyed him, previously absorbed in thought. Suddenly he said, “Aren’t you waiting for Black Magic? That person, anything he promises will be fulfilled. He will definitely show up.”

“If I counted on him I would be long dead —” Yao Xun stopped in the middle of his words, and his face suddenly changed.

At the same time, the three people all fell silent.

In the distance, abruptly came the sound of horses galloping, as if a troop of cavalry was quickly closing in on them. The rapid incoming momentum was incomparable, sounding like a sudden thunderstorm, lashing against one’s heart like a whip.

Particularly so was a horse that sprinted even faster than the others, like howling gales and roaring suns, an unstoppable force that in an instant arrived at the edges of the forest.

The horse’s pace was too hurried, unable to come to a stop when arriving at the sides of the forest, and the horse directly wanted to charge through. In a flash the rider raised his arms to rein in the horse, and the ropes pulled into a pencil-straight line, trembling with small vibrations without end. The steed lifted its head and neighed loudly, its two hooves soaring into the air as it stood up like a person. However, the rider’s back was completely straight, not moving even an inch.

Behind him, a crowd of horsemen kicked up dust and followed, falling behind that one horse in front, and in orderly fashion they all reined in their horses. “Cha!” Many tens of sounds of hooves landing sounded out like one.

Their horsemanship was extremely skilled.

At this time, the clouds broke and moon shone through, brilliant without bounds. The man and horse in front were outlined by the moonlight into a jet black silhouette.

The moonlight swept further out, sweeping to below that person’s feet. On top of his steed, the person loomed high overhead. A body of black clothing melded into one with the night’s darkness; cold, solemn, his whole body radiated the stifling pressure of murderous decisiveness and omnipresence. The night wind fluttered his loose clothes, bringing his pitch-black hair to wildly dance in the air as well.

Even from far away, his “overlooking gaze” could still be felt.

Overlooking those three in the woods.

In the silence, that person gave a deep shout all of a sudden.

“Nemesis Dynasty, Zhan Bei Ye!” —————–

Author’s Remarks: The Nemesis command seal mentioned in this chapter, I don’t know if you guys remember. In the first scene of the first chapter, the thing Meng Fuyao grabbed from her handiwork on the Profound Origin mountains was exactly this. As for what use this little toy has, I will tell you later, it’s a pretty important thing.

Also, that Black Magic, he he, I didn’t mention him for nothing.



1. Common phrase that means sitting back and waiting for prey to fall into your hands

2. Baihui “百会” acupuncture point is on top of your head, means “Hundred Meeting Point”

3. “flying waters descending straight three thousand chi”, “飞流直下三千尺”, is a famous line from the Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s poem “Viewing the Waterfall at Mount Lu”

4. “scolding the locust tree while pointing at the mulberry” she is taking out her anger on someone else but is actually angry at Zhaoxu.

5. Beauty can describe men without being weird, unlike in the West

6. Ye Buqi, “叶不弃”, ‘ye’ means leaf and is a surname, ‘bu qi’ means not giving up

7. Zhan Bei Ye, “战北野”, Zhan (surname) means “war” or “battle”, Bei Ye means “north wilderness”, and is also a common name.

8. Yao Xun, “姚迅”, Yao is a surname and Xun means swift or fast

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